Welcome to K.P. Industires

Welcome to K.P. Industries

Welcome to K.P. Industries,
Woodworking Tools for all your needs

M/s. K.P. Industries offer you a wide range of Kay Pee™ brand Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saws Cutter. These saw cutters are designed for the most efficient cutting of all natural woods, plywood, laminated sheet, veneer, block board, hard board, Plastic, Compressed laminated wood, Bakelite, Cement Compound boards, Asbestos, Brake lining cement boards, and non ferrous materials and Aluminum Profiles.

Our TCT Circular saws are made from special carbon alloy harden steel and best quality of carbide tips. Our products are highly precision, economical and highly productive. Our best quality products are produce are produce superior surface finish on the job. Our available in wide variety of style and sizes to suit various applications.